Reflections of YOU – God already see’s you looking better!

Hello- How is everyone doing? I hope that you are enjoying the transition into the Fall season. Some of these cool mornings make me want to stay in the bed a little while longer. Yes, I know, I’m always referring to the change in seasons but there is just something about transition (whether it be in life or in the weather) that fascinates me. This month, I’d like to share with you something that I experienced which reminded me to love the reflection of the me that God created as well as the new me he is molding. I am consistently growing in grace and reflecting more of who God has purposed me to be and so are you. This is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and will never be perfected in this lifetime; but when we commit to the process of growing in Him we can never go wrong.

Last month, I was blind-sided by a call that immediately triggered some hidden emotions regarding a traumatic event that that happened in the life of a loved on. As a result, in the natural, I immediately began to think that certain events that I had witnessed in the past were being repeated, but this time in my own life.  You see, in the midst of trying times whether they are directly or indirectly related to you, God often gives us the Grace to go through it with ease and stable emotions; however, later when anything similar to it comes our way, buried emotions may arise.  That’s exactly what an emotional trigger does. It can send you back to a space in time where you literally roll back in your mind, play for play, certain situations or events that had a huge impact on you emotionally.  For me, this particular situation was intended to be a distraction from my place of focus and productivity; however, it was also an opportunity being placed before me to either trust God and lean on His word or believe the report that was in front of me. Initially my emotions were gaining momentum and seemed to have been winning but after praying, requesting a few others to touch and agree with me about the situation in prayer, and placing the issue into God’s hand that day, I woke up refreshed and renewed the next morning with my emotions intact, the revelation of the spiritual intent of the series of events, and a Praise of Thanksgiving on my lips in advance for the good report that the Lord would soon be sending my way.  Instead of visualizing giants in the land, I now saw an opportunity for God to show himself strong in the matter.

Every day we are presented with information that can either encourage and energize us or depress and paralyze us and therefore, it is important that we maintain an observant posture of discernment so that despite what does come our way, we can keep our eyes on God and His ability to do anything but fail; no matter what we see in the natural.

This whole sequence of events and revelation reminded me of the following:

  • The details of past stories do not have to equate to those of the present or future.
  • The hidden things (matters or experiences not fully processed) can keep us bound to the past and limit our ability to be fully healed require an excavation (digging up the root) and final burial.
  • There is nothing that comes our way that God doesn’t already know about and hasn’t already set provision in place for.
  • The unexpected is going to happen because that’s just how life goes so make sure your foundation is rooted and grounded in God and His word.

Whenever reflections from past events or traumatic experiences attempt to shake your emotions and invade your present, it’s not a time to panic; on the contrary, it’s a time to be calm, to submit willingly to process any emotion that has been triggered and see it as an opportunity for growth and healing and above all else, to Trust that God is in at work in us. Ultimately, our our reflection is not wrapped up in the past, the present, or the future, but the way God sees us – Fearfully and Wonderfully made, Victorious, Triumphant, and Already looking Better!

Peace, Love & Blessings until next time….


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