Protecting The Promise



A few years ago, I wrote a blog called: Congratulations! I’m expecting! Which explained some of the things a woman’s body may go through when she is expecting based on my personal experience. I specifically shared how some of those same changes can occur in the natural when you are about to birth something spiritually. During times of new beginnings, there are typically times where projects and promises that we have been carrying either naturally or spiritually will come to full term and things within and around us will begin to get into a birthing position so we can bring them forth. The dreams and promises that the Lord enables us to carry are sensitive and therefore, it is vital that we ensure that we protect the environments within and surrounding us.  Some of the things will be pleasant and there will also be challenges through the process, but God never leaves our side through any of it. Personally, I just could not imagine my life without God in it for so many reasons; however, I especially Love how He not only gives encouragement and direction but also gives us warnings and guidance about different things through prayer, meditation, discernment and wisdom. 

In a dream recently, I was shoveling snow in front of my home (in the dark for some reason) while engaging in conversation with a neighbor.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure slide into a corner between my home and another neighbor’s home.  The figure attempted to conceal itself down into a chair which was hidden in a corner that I have never noticed being there before.  I immediately confronted the individual which was dressed in all black and began screaming at the person for it to get off the property immediately while drawing attention to what was going on towards my neighbor. As I turned to focus back on the figure, I saw that it had gotten up from its’ seat and was attempting to slip through the unlocked door of my home. It began to run and ended up cornered in a room within the home and had boldly started rummaging through things.  My neighbor and I had begun to pursue it, caught it and began fighting it and calling the police. My child even woke up and got into the attempt to subdue the intruder.  And then, I woke up!  Sounds strange and somewhat scary right?  I laid there thinking to myself, did I eat something that was now giving me this nightmare or was this another warning that God was blessing me with?

As I sat up in my bed, I began to pray and ask God to help me to see what this dream was all about.  I believe that the interpretation was as follows:  The enemy (anything/anyone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart) is cunning and always going about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8), intrude upon or violate you and your space. It will even go through the motion of setting up its’ plan of action during the day so that it can intrude upon your space during the cover of night or while you are focused, working diligently and enjoying the blessings of God.

Remember, your space or environment is your sanctuary.  By all means, never walk in fear (2 Timothy 1:7), but always use wisdom (James 1:5) when yielding access to your home, your life, or any space within your environments.   Don’t let your wisdom and discerning guard dogs down even when you’re in a time of focus and blessing. Remember: NO weapon that is formed against you shall prosper! Deny access to anything that attempts to taint your vision, get you off your post, or wreak havoc on your birthing ground. God’s grace is sufficient for you and his promises are Yea and Amen! He is always there. Check out this great song about the promise:

There is a slogan by a well-known sports apparel company: “Protect this house! I Will!” If they can commit to going the extra mile to create quality outerwear we should most certainly remain diligent in Protecting the Promise. Do you agree? I personally accept and I Will Protect the Promise!

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