DeeAbundantLifeCoach Faith-Based Life Coaching Services

Ministry Scripture: “I have come that you might have life and that more Abundantly!” – John 10:10

Ministry Leader:  Debrayta (Dee) Salley, DeeAbundantLifeCoach


To partner with and support women in navigating life transitions, setting and completion of goals and uncovering and breaking down generational roadblocks that may hinder their progress. To Form partnerships and collaborations that share the vision of empowering others to seek and live an Abundant life full of joy, love, peace, good health, financial independence, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  •   Why do I need a Life Coach?

Goal Setting:  We have good intentions when it comes to setting goals; however, life has a way of getting in the way and causing us to push them to the side.  Before we know it, another year has passed and we haven’t set out to accomplish what we desired.  A coach holds you accountable and cheers you on to the finish line.

Life Transitions:  Life events have a way of taking us by surprise and it’s typically something that we haven’t experienced before.  These are times when it helps to have someone in your corner that who gained wisdom from the same or a similar experience or who has the resourcefulness to get you connected to someone who can. A coach genuinely cares about your success, well-being, and seeing you finish strong.

  • What  would be my  role as your Abundant Life Coach?

(1) To help you identify and release your inner most desires (2) To pray and support you through life transitions and goal accomplishments (3) To pray and believe with you that God’s will and purpose will be manifested in your life.

  • How will this be accomplished?

By Providing a safe, non-judgmental and thriving environment for Women of Faith to share and support one another through their life’s triumphs and challenges.

To Facilitate biblically-based fellowships, prayer/empowerment call and workshops that will empower women of all ages.

Workshops Offered:

Life More Abundantly

Achieving Life Balance on Purpose

Reflections of YOU!


Now offering complimentary 30-minute strategy sessions.  Email me at to schedule your appointment.

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