It’s Cleanup Season


Happy Spring everyone! This is the time of year that we generally get busy with Spring Cleaning which is generally comprised of cleaning the clutter in our homes and making things tidy for this long-awaited season of sunshine, warmer weather, and rain that will eventually bring forth beautiful flowers. As I began to do some of the same in my home the thought crossed my mind that when it comes to personal and spiritual development, any season is a good time to do some cleaning. In 2012, God blessed me with an awesome opportunity to be a co-author in a book called “Cheers! To Your Success: Women on the Rise and Owning their Destiny” along with a phenomenal group of women. The title of my story was: Humbled and stripped to be raised and clothed for service. The basis of the message that God had me to share detailed the stretching period that I was experiencing at that time in my journey. Despite having experienced a devastating loss, I was diligently trying to move forward in walking in my purpose without addressing some “hidden things” that were gradually pulling me down. Slowly but surely things that I thought I had gotten over or been delivered from, and some I didn’t want to let go of came floating to the surface and negatively impacting my life. It was a very challenging time, but God saw me through it. God is always faithful even when we are not, Amen!

The lesson that I wanted to share from that growing period of my life was that it is extremely important to face the giants that have taken root in our lives. Not in your own strength but through the Grace and guidance of God. Each of us has one, or two, or three giants (but whose counting) that we must confront in order to freely and successfully move forward and “Own our Destiny”. Just like a tree whose roots have grown so thick and so strong underground that they start to damage the septic/plumbing system of a home, so be it the same with the internal struggles, strongholds, and habits that we conceal (without knowing most of the time) and try to overlook or bury them until we can no longer stop the residue from seeping through. . Unfortunately, no matter how hard we may try, eventually all the messy, stinky and frustrating stuff will rise to the surface for all to see. I believe that God uses the events of these testing and proving times to empower us so that when we are faced with challenges in the future, we are equipped to confront those things that attempt to pull us back when we are about to embark upon a breakthrough.
If you are reading this, I just want you to know that I believe in you and your success. I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you the potential roadblocks that will try to trip you up as you move forward. Don’t allow the giants in your life to keep you stuck or place you in a position of always being knocked down and defeated. Refuse to continue to settle for anything but the best, choose to forgive those who didn’t do what you thought they should do or those who treated you wrong, Purpose to not compromise for anything that doesn’t line up with your moral beliefs and values, turn your back on struggle, bitterness, jealousy, being in debt, or what mommy or daddy didn’t do and believe God for better days.
No matter the season, anytime is a good time to stand your ground, face those giants, and pull down and bury every stronghold in your life through the Power and Authority of Jesus Christ. It’s been two years and I’ve been knee deep in my own personal Clean up Season. I’ve been able to create a dumpster full of ugly stuff that I’ve been able to throw away with God’s help and strength to make way for all the new blessings, opportunities, and new mindset some of which are already here and more that’s coming my way! A builder doesn’t begin pouring the concrete to set the foundation for a building until he has performed an excavation (clearing) of the land, neither should we when it comes to laying the foundation for our lives. Bottom Line: We will always be growing and learning and life will always present an opportunity to call forth a CLEAN UP SEASON and it won’t always be during the spring!

Remember: “Attempting to move forward into the new without honestly seeking to be set free from the emotional bondage and strongholds of your past is like trying to run a marathon with cement bricks for shoes!” – Author: Debrayta Salley; Excerpt from “Cheers! To Your Success: Women on the Rise and Owning Their Destiny”

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