This is the Appointed Time


Greetings and Happy New Year to You and Your Families!

I pray that your year thus far has been all that dreamed and purposed it to be. Yes, I know I’m a whole month late, but I have a good reason why I’m just getting around to writing this months’ blog post. I’ve been spending most of my free time this year planning and tending to various goals, working on a writing project, and tending to personal family matters. I’d like to thank you for following my blog and/or taking the time out of your busy schedule to read it – I really appreciate your support and pray that what I share here is a blessing to someone. Thank you.
My year thus far has been a great time of reflection, revelation, as well as rest. God reminded me that another year had passed and I still hadn’t completed some of the things that he had instructed me to do for quite some time. Does this sound familiar to you? All I could say is Yes Lord and Oooooch! He let me know that this was the Appointed Time for these tasks to take precedence over any other good ideas that I may have turned my attention to because these particular tasks were God ideas or desires that he placed within me that must be birthed in order to help those who have or are having like experiences get delivered and set free! I wanted to take some time to share my journey thus far with my writing project for two reasons: (1) To encourage someone else to never give up on their dreams no matter how long it takes and (2) Give you a hint about what you can expect from my upcoming book. I am so excited and to be truthful have a little fear about the level of transparency that I will be sharing about my personal journey in this book, but I am confident that God has mandated me to do so as it will help others who have a need to be set free from the “hidden or unspoken things” that we wrestle with in silence and as a result, they tend to hold us hostage from being able to pursue our best lives. This project has been at work in the spirit for over ten years and in the natural for over three years now. Although I’ve actually been physically writing it for the past two years, no matter how much I tried to force myself to complete various chapters’, I was never able to get far very far. You see, sometimes no matter how much we try to force a thing, if it is not in God’s Divine Timing, it will not work. The focus of my book is based on my journey as a young and adult woman – the triumphs, the tragedies, the good and bad choices, and the wisdom gained from each experience. Over the past few years, I have had some very interesting and challenging experiences that had to be included within the project; hence, the reason why it could not be completed until now – The Appointed Time! So if there is a goal that you have been trying to accomplish, do not be discouraged. Persevere and continue to do your part and when the time comes things will begin to flow and align without incident. It Shall Come To Pass – At the Appointed Time!

Thank you in advance for traveling with me along this new journey, for holding me up in prayer, and for your support once the final product is made available for purchase. I am humbled that God would choose me to take my mess and make it into a message. As a private person, this has been a stretching process for me, but God did not allow me to survive some of the things I have to keep it to myself and whether you realize it or not, the same applies to you. Despite everything that you have been through, you’re still here and it’s for a purpose!

God Bless

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