No Greater Love!

no_greater_loveDuring a recent conversation with a dear friend who is in the last stretch of her studies to officially become a Clinical Psychologist, God blessed me with a revelation. First let me say that this was initially just a conversation amongst two friends but when your purpose is the essence of who you are and you have accepted that, it will show up in any conversation that you attempt to have, even when you don’t want it to –LOL. I truly just wanted to have a simple conversation with my friend and it turned into a mini intense counseling session that I eventually had to end in order to get back to work.

Now let’s get back to my revelation. In Gary Chapman’s Best Selling book, The Five Love Languages include:
(1) Words of Affirmation (2) Acts of Services (3) Receiving Gifts (4) Quality Time (5) Phylisical Touch. Discover your Love Language(s) by clicking here:

My friend brought to my attention that one of my Love Languages is: Words of Affirmation. I never even considered this in the past, but as I moved from dismissing her initial observation (tell the truth and shame the devil), God showed me that she was so correct in her analysis. She observed that this particular language means a lot to me and that I tend to seek it more so from others than I do from God. She indicated that “it’s not that you don’t hear from God, you just prefer to hear it spoken to you from people.” Oh my, my, my and ouch! Lord, please forgive me! As I sit here processing this, I can’t help but to feel convicted as this would mean that I put others before God when he is the head and sustainer of my life and the most important relationship that I have. The same way that it isn’t healthy for two individuals in a committed relationship to seek affirmation, et al from those outside of their union, the same applies with our relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong, our individual languages have a very important place in our lives because they identify who we are and provide guidance to those who want to Love us as we need and desire to be loved, but there has to be a balance. When we don’t, we risk putting our hope in man’s “Love” or the lack of for us instead of the stable, consistent, unconditional love that God provides to us – He Is Love! In Jeremiah 31:3 (Message), the word of the Lord reads: “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!
Moral of this story: It is not fair to God for us to approach him with an “Oh and you too Willona” attitude (fellow fans of the show Good Times will appreciate this statement). We are human beings here on earth and we need each other to support, and encourage one another; however, our biggest fan, consistent supporter, and greatest encourager is and will always be The Lord!
Dear Lord, starting today, I will place more emphasis on your love for me. I will cherish and be strengthened by the words that you have spoken over me, the way you serve my every need, the gifts that you have placed inside of me to serve others, the gentleness and of your touch, and the restoration I receive when I spend quality time with you. I acknowledge and believe in my heart that There is No Greater Love!

2 thoughts on “No Greater Love!

  1. Jackie says:

    All right now. A-men to revelation and confirmation. I also believe that we are put on this earth to comfort, uplift and support each other in our faith walk. If we are truly connected to the triune God, then we will hear directly from Him or from those who are here with us on our journey. Just my fifty cents. 🙂

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