Don’t Bury the Hurt, Pain, or Dissapointment! Dig it up and Release It!

I remember many years ago I heard a loud scream come from the room of my roommate at the time and I went running to see what what was going on with her. Much to my surprise she calmly said ” Oh nothing just letting out some frustrations”. I asked if she was sure, she said yes, but I still walked away concerned and prayed. To this day I’m not sure if she ever told me what was going on, but now I completely understand the importance of letting out whatever is frustrating or ailing you. I spent a lot of years of my life holding in what needed to be released out of fear of others seeing it as complaining, being bound or stuck, or possibly being misunderstood etc. Side note: Trust me that is not a wise decision. I believe that this is one of the reasons we have so much violence and anger in our land. We don’t effectively deal with the things that we are truly able to change if we just put in a little effort. Don’t bury your disappointment, hurt, or pain, release it through prayer, planning, and action!
If you are hurting or frustrated- scream. If you are not satisfied in that relationship- acknowledge it and either get counseling or take action to move forward , if that job no longer supports your desires, purpose or ambitions- start your job search, business plan , etc.  Resist the urge to dress up your hurt or dissatisfaction in order to satisfy others. It doesn’t make sense to fake a smile on the outside while hurting inside, stressed physically,  or crying yourself to sleep at night or anytime you are alone.
The bible says that there is a time for mourning and a time for dancing. So (Mourn)  be free to acknowledge where you are and then “Get up, pick up your mat and walk” (John 5:8) or should I say DANCE! The Chains will only begin to break when you start pressing through the dirt and  releasing anything that is trying to keep you from living a full and joyful life! I Dare you to RELEASE IT!

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